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up today senator sherrod brown, big winner for re-election in ohio even though the super pac spent billions of dollars against him. well maybe not billions but millions and millions against him. sherrod brown is going to tell us how he did it. tuesdays, think progress igor volsky from think progress here with us later in this hour. lynn sweet washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times" as a "friend of bill." lots of fun coming up. lots of important stuff to talk about including a bogus proposal by john boehner yesterday. on the fiscal cliff. but first... >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> on this tuesday other headlines making news, the most eagerly awaited pregnancy in recent times was announced yesterday. duchess kate middleton pregnant with what would be the third in line to the british throne. child of prince william. he and kate have been married for 19 months. kate was admitted to the hospital yesterday suffering from acute morning sickness. she needed extra hydration and nutr
, december 13th, 2012. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. we begin this morning with the negotiations to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. so far this week, president obama and house speaker john boehner have spoken twice. boehner says differences remain and he's told lawmakers not to make plans for the week after christmas, which means we'll probably be here, too, including susan mcginnis in washington this morning with the latest. susan, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning, terrell. as the white house continue to fail at coming to a conclusion on the budget, this fiscal cliff is not waiting for the end of the year. it's affecting america today. well, even santa claus is upset. santa claus showed up on capitol hill wednesday, urging congress and the white house to strike a deal to avoid the looming fiscal cliff before christmas. >> it's discouraging that our elected leadership in congress can't come together to get the job done for the american people. >> reporter: both sides say it's putting a damper on the holidays. >> i think it's going to be extremely d
this afternoon that governor jerry brown has prostate cancer. cancer always sounds scary, but one oncologist says the governor doesn't have much to worry about. >> i've slowed down a little but i ran three miles in 29 minutes. >> reporter: he's in pretty good shape for a man in his 70's. governor jerry brown even called out the governor of new jersey. >> i hereby challenge the governor of new jersey to a three-mile race, a push-up contest and a chinup contest. >> reporter: fighting prostate cancer is now his latest challenge. it is early stage cancer and the prognosis is excellent, his doctor says. >> the fact that he's in good condition usually means he'll do better in terms of his energy level throughout the whole process. >> reporter: dr. patrick doesn't treat the governor but he says he will have radiation daily. >> monday through friday, each day, about ten minutes a day. the treatments are painless. he comes in, lays on the table, gets the treatment. he doesn't feel anything from it. it doesn't slow him down in that way. >> reporter: in 2011, the governor had skin cancer removed from his sn
to classes this week in a different school, and as terrell brown reports, an attorney for one of the children is ready to go to court. >> reporter: two weeks after a gunman opened fire inside sandy hook elementary a new haven lawyer is asking permission to sue the state of connecticut for $100 million. >> i'm saying for a fact that the state didn't do enough to provide for their safety. >> reporter: attorney irving pinsky represents the child, a 6-year-old who survived. she's traumatized of what she saw and heard in the school. >> the whole thing came down on the intercom, the screaming, the cursing, the bang bang bang and her friends are dead. >> reporter: pinsky filed the claim last week claiming that the state failed to protect the child and as a result she suffered trauma and injury. in all 20 children died and six staffers. staffers credited with trying to save lives. on pinsky's facebook page hundreds have expressed outrage. sickening. simply sickening. another wrote should be disbarred and jailed for abuse of the system and trauma caused to the p
's the results show. we'll see you tomorrow. good night, people. >>> a health scare for governor jerry brown. his cancer diagnosis, and whether it will affect his ability to lead california. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. jerry brown has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, and is now undergoing treatment at ucsf. learned about the cancer diagnosis and what the governor faces. >> reporter: earlier this evening, a hospital source told me that the governor received treatment here on the fourth floor at the university of california, san francisco. uscf is one of the preprostrate cancer treatment centers in america. the governor released a statement today saying fortunately, this is early stage, localized prostate cancer. the key is early diagnosis. >> if men who need treatment aren't detected early, they're less likely, far less likely to be cured. >> reporter: a prostate cancer surviver himself, dr. shoeman says patients have options, ranging from monitoring the tumor's growth, to radiation treatment like the governor, to removing the prostate. patients need t
>>> a health scare for governor jerry brown. his cancer diagnosis, and whether it will affect his ability to lead california. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. jerry brown has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, and is now undergoing treatment at ucsf. learned about the cancer diagnosis and what the governor faces. >> reporter: earlier this evening, a hospital source told me that the governor received treatment here on the fourth floor at the university of california, san francisco. uscf is one of the preprostrate cancer treatment centers in america. the governor released a statement today saying fortunately, this is early stage, localized prostate cancer. the key is early diagnosis. >> if men who need treatment aren't detected early, they're less likely, far less likely to be cured. >> reporter: a prostate cancer surviver himself, dr. shoeman says patients have options, ranging from monitoring the tumor's growth, to radiation treatment like the governor, to removing the prostate. patients need to work closely with their oncologist. >> they're
the governor there in arkansas we actually had a protestant pastor throw charlie brown under the -- that's not him that's the governor of rhode island. throw charlie brown under the bus. poor charlie brown gets run over by a train because the pulls the play merry christmas charlie brown. there is a problem in america with the christian forces being weak. >> that's right. and i'm telling you, bill. wimpy pastors produce wimpy christians and that is why we are losing this culture war and i believe it's time for pastors to say, you know, i don't care about controversy. i don't care whether i'm going to lose church members. i don't care about building a big church. i'm going to stand for truth regardless of what happens. you know you pointed out very rightly, bill, that what we're seeing happening has been a recent phenomenon, the war on christmas, the war against religious liberty. that has not been a part of our country's religious history. what has changed in the first amendment hasn't changed in 200 years. these federal judges don't have some fresh new insight into the constitution that
morning news" for wednesday, december 12, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm terrell brown. good to be with you. >>> oregon officials have tentatively identify the gunman who opened fire at a business shopping mall. christmas music was playing as the lone gunman fired shots yesterday afternoon near the food court at one of portland's largest shopping malls. the gunman killed two people and seriously wounded another before taking his own life. one witness heard him say, "i am the shooter," as he fired dozens of rounds into the machlt bigad shaban is live. good morning to you. >> reporter: terrell, good morning to you. it's an eerie and quiet scene here. it's a much different scene than yesterday when that masked gunman began firing inside one of the busiest malls in the portland area. cell phone video shows police escorting shoppers to safety, and the first moments after a masked gunman opened fire in a oregon mall. >> it was scary. i don't know. it was shocking. >> our cousin is a security guard in there, and his wife and baby were in there, but they got out okay. >> reporter: s.
... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ >> pelley: we got word late today that jerry brown, the governor of california, has prostate cancer. brown is 74. his office says he's getting radiation treatment and his prognosis is excellent. india's musical ambassador, ravi shankar, has died. ♪ shankar was the master of the stringed instrument called the sitar. in the 1960s, he taught beatle george harrison how to play while introducing traditional indian music to the west. shankar also organized the world's first big rock benefit, the concert for bangladesh in 1971. and he was the father of popular singer norah jones. ravi shankar died yesterday in san diego. he was 92. if your favorite number is 12, well, this was your day. at 12 past noon, the clock said 12:12. the calendar 12-12-12. some folks thought it was a good day to get married. the husbands will have no excuse for forgetting their anniversary. our researchers tell us that folks who love the number 12 are dodeckafiles. if your favorite number is 12, you are one, too. in a moment, we'll take you to a shop that specializ
brown is treated for early stages of prostate cancer. they made the announcement earlier, grant lodes? >> the good news is that doctors be used in its very early stages. the governor's office today saying that he is undergoing radiation treatment for localized prostate cancer. the governor also said the 74 year-old is still working a full schedule during the treatment. it is expected to be completed by the first read the month of january. half the university of ecology whose california senator cisco oncologist said that it is a localized, prognosis is excellent and there is no significant side effects. the survival rate from localized prostate cancer is more than 95%. the governor underwent a procedure to remove skin cancer from his nose in april, 2011. governor jerry brown is a lifetime politician and served as the secretary of state in general powerhouse he was also the mayor of and for nearly one a decade. >>pam: so far in 2012, the city of oakland has seen of 121 homicides. that is a 11 more than 2011. new tonight at a to charles clifford has a closer look at when and where these
they are fully yellow and some brown specks. that's when the sugar comes all the way out and tastes gooey inside and that's when like them. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. this is a nice bunch of bananas. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, off against their rivals.. e denver broncos.. and peoplee >>> there's a big game in oakland tonight. the raiders play the denver broncos. people are already out there including roberta gonzales at the coliseum. never too early to tailgate? >> reporter: it's never too early to tailgate. i arrived here at 10:30 this morning and there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people lining up outside come stadium. i have some of the earlier rivals. steve sanchez where are you from? >> richmond, california. >> i know it hasn't been a stellar season at 3-9. what do you anticipate tonight? >> i'm looking for a beatdown one way or another. hopefully. we're black hole until we die so we need to stop the run, stop the pass, we need to do something. >> reporter: what do you think about lawrence karnow's weather forecas
's largest ocean preserve in 20 years and has been endorsed by governor jerry brown. >>> the oakland police department has agreed to hand over authority of the command staff to a court-appointed director. that move came in response to the threat of a federal takeover of the department. oakland has failed to meet a federal judge's order to make rerms agreed to in the settlement of a police brutality case nearly ten years ago. >> we've been orking hard to demonstrate to the courts and the public that we can police ourselves and this department can constitute -- practice constitutional policing. >> a court must approve the handoff of the department to a federal director. >>> well, somewhat of a change with our weather presentation for today. no rain to talk about. still some lingering clouds out there with partly to mostly cloudy skies conditions. we are heading into a dry weather set up for the weekend. still overcast out there. some upper level clouds and some lower clouds but not much in the way of dense fog. as far as the rainfall, it's way up to the north, up to the pacific northwest, por
and forth between the gop leaders and the white house to the peanuts comic strike where charlie brown tries to kick the football that keeps getting yanked away. >> we are not going to fall for that again. the american people aren't going to be under the illusion that the republicans are sometime in the future going to come up with revenue. they are going to come up with raising the rates or, madam president, we are going over the cliff. >> well, if congress and the white house can't team up and reach a deal by new year's eve, automatic tax hikes and steep spending cuts will take effect which could send the united states back into recession. and clearly have a lot of work to do. >>> a dungeness deal has bay area crabbers out on the water again. they went on strike after brokers tried pay them less than $3 a pound. the strike meant there was little fresh dungeness left in stores and restaurants. but dungeness should be back in stores and on menus tomorrow or friday at the very latest. a lot of people happy about that. >>> when it comes to great places to works the bay area has plenty to choos
in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> good monday morning. december 30 -- december 31st. >> it is 5:00 the time is sneaking up ont;y-s, i'm kristen sze. >>> and i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. mike is in the weather center with the chilly forecast. i'll take the cold over the rain. >> that's probably a good trade off that is what is going to happen the next couple of days. live doppler 7 hd picking up dry air, a few high clouds.9."%p
that is in the russian river over 13. middingtown 12. mt. diablo 10.71. bruce brown 9.25. kentfield almost 9.5. la honda 8.74. blossom hill 5.75. it's dry today. patchy fog. nothing too outrageous yet. that can form between 6:00 and 8:00. rain returns tuesday. it won't be too heavy but our forecast models are trending a little heavier. high clouds today. mostly sunny partly cloudy. rain into wednesday and then out of here. then we will see a pattern change. there is one more system. today is that between day but right there a lot of cloud cover inching closer. 39 though much, much cooler here. low 40s livermore. you will notice there is a chill in the morning air. okay today and then one more system increasing clouds that will give us rain into wednesday morning. our cloud and rain forecast shows increasing clouds today. i think it's a little fast. by tuesday morning rain moves in and during the day starts to move into the north bay. and then there it is late tuesday into early wednesday. after that we will see it fall apart and go into a colder pattern. partly sunny today. patchy fog to the north. real
: crystal brown had a brief conversation with her daughters after school let out. >> i said someone brought a gun to a school and she said a real gun? and someone died? kids died? and, you know, it's hard for them to process. >> reporter: the superintendent wants to remind parents that the schools have safety plans and teachers drill on how to keep the kids out of danger. in fact, cbs 5 was invited on this mock school shooting drill a couple of years ago in south san francisco. in the drill, police officers demonstrated how they don't wait for a s.w.a.t. team anymore. after columbine cops rush into the schools and race to subdue the gunman. but school officials emphasize there is no security measure as good as paying attention to a person who seems to be plotting an evil deed and calling the police right away. >> as a teacher's during the columbine incident there was a rush to install security metal detectors and all this hardware. the single greatest security system you can have in place is a well informed enabled student body. >> reporter: district officials say they have asked their pri
. >>> california governor jerry brown has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer. brown's doctor says the cancer is localized and his prognosis is excellent. the 74-year-old is undergoing conventional radiotherapy until the first week of january. and he plans to stay on the job throughout his treatment. >> many people work through radiation therapy for prostate cancer. i think our governor would be much happier working than not working. so yes, he should still do it. >> keep his mind off of it, right? the doctor says he's not expecting the governor to experience any significant side effects. last year, brown was treated for a common form of skin cancer on his face. >>> important consumer news to pass on to you this morning. honda is recalling hundreds of thousands of cars that may simply roll away, even when the transmission is in park. the recall affects 800,000 minivans and suvs made between 2003 and 2006. they include the honda odyssey, pilot and the acura mdx. honda needs to repair a defect in the ignition because cars can simply roll away after drivers stop and remove the key and
the football. we have the raiders against the cleveland browns. back to you. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: as he mentioned, storm is expected to be the last of really big storms hitting the area this weekend. that does not mean folks here are out of the woods as of yet. maria molina is in the weather center. >> good to see you. we're expecting more. another storm system to arrive next week on tuesday. we have to deal with the weather going on this weekend and next week expect another one. it's been ongoing the entire this week. we've been seeing storms dumping heavy rain, heavy mountain snow and producing strong rains. we do have wind advisories across portions of california, nevada and northern portions of the rockies where we can see wind gusts between 50-70 miles an hour. those conditions are very dangerous, not just the flooding and snow but strong winds. flooding across northern california and southern portions of oregon where we are talking about several inches falling today. we're expecting another storm as we head into tomorrow. we do have basically drier conditions acro
as the first ingredient, whole brown rice, and no corn or wheat. it's guaranteed to promote healthy digestion. proven. natural nutrition. a healthy visible difference - guaranteed. make the natural choice today. helping you buy better. let's say you want to get ahead mhow do you get from here...y. to here? at university of phoenix we're moving career planning forward so you can start figuring that out sooner. ln fact, by thinking about where want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route... leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. >>> we are back at 7:42. and we have a look at the video that has taken us all over this morning. swimming babies that no one can stop watching. look how cute they are. how are those 10-month-olds swimming before they can walk? we sent abc's llaama hasan into the pool to learn their secrets. >> reporter: they are the international swimming sensations. at just 10 months old, tiny toddler twins, william and eddie, are making a huge splash. news headlines. to video clips, now going viral on youtube. it's eas
"san francisco chronicle" article, former mayor and speaker of the house willie brown said, quote, if i were in charge, i wouldn't have ammiano or anyone else with a long history of supporting tax hikes carry the bill. i'd pick the most conservative democrat i could find and have him do the job." >> i challenge willie brown to -- i don't think he ever got over that. so i found the remark to be a little snide. >> reporter: you might remember those two men they ran against each other for mayor of san francisco in 1999. clearly, they are still working it out. so what are businesses at? a group that opposes new taxes says businesses are already paying their fair share and he said, unless businesses are trying to hide a change of ownership, they believe the law should stay as it is. we're going to be watching this closely because a lot of people are concerned if they change anything with prop 13. >> it is going to be a fight. thank you, grace. >>> and then there are california state workers. a new report details just who makes what. cbs news reporter randy paige takes a look at the numbers.
of florence johnson brown, she could not read or write, but she was a good woman with a big heart and a stronger will. she took jerome and she said she could not imagine all the abuse he had been through. it just sounded too unbelievable. but she looked him in the eye and said, don't let your abuse be your excuse. she said someday you could be a great juvenile judge or case worker, something special. but there was a lot of rebellion and anger in the young man. he hated lots of people and things, and especially god. ms. brown would not heed jerome's fleas to leave -- pleas to leave him alone. she kept praying for him every single day by name. she said she knew there was good in him but prayed that god would not let him end up in jail or prison because she knew god could do something very special with him. he tried the praying thing himself but he was cynical. he wanted to go to college, he wanted to be a coach, but he knew no one who had money. but then he found out he could run really fast and play football really well. though his teacher told him he was too black and too stupid t
decade. so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >>> president obama and the first lady and their daughters belting out christmas carols with neil patrick harris and a host of other entertainers. the sing along followed the lighting of the annual christmas tree. the newly transplanted 28-foot blue spruce as thousands looked on. >>> now, for a look at your morning road conditions today. a slick commute around portland and seattle. snowy roads in the cascades, northern rockieses and upper midwest. highways will be wet from chicago to new york. >> if you're flying, airport delays possible in minneapolis, and on the east coast, in new york, boston and philadelphia. >>> and back to the news this morning. a heartbreaking survival story for a woman stranded in the snow on california's sierra nevada mountains. >> paula lane and her boyfriend were missing nearly a week after their car was stuck in a snowstorm. clifton froz
scott brown would automatically get in. would he? >> no. not necessarily. although i think he would do better in a experienced election than a general election. he obviously has campaign apparatus, name id, et cetera, et cetera, thru br other candidates. it's not a slam dunk for him at all. >> if you look at it it's a different time than when he first ran. >> uh-huh. >> and won. he's been there six years. however -- four years? >> four years. >> bill: but a different time. he would be up against a different candidate? >> uh-huh. >> it would have to be a better candidate than martha cokely and et cetera tarnished by having lost to the elizabeth warren? >> he would have to run again? when is kerri's term up in three years, massive campaigns. >> deval patrick and ed markey veteran very popular powerful congressman, the 9th most powerful in terms of seniority who represents greater boston cham champ bridge area. he would be a formidable cabdate. >> and cot brown would like to move run for governor. they have a history of republican governors even before m
. >> we're also following breaking news from sacramento tonight. governor brown says he's fighting cancer. it's a fairly common form among men his age, prostate cancer. abc 7 news nannette miranda is live in sacramento tonight with the latest on the governor's treatment plan. >> well, california's 74-year-old governor is n in excellent health. many experts agree he'll get through this scare just fine. the office describes this diagnosis as localized prostate cancer meaning the tomb jor still contained
bowl. >>> texas and matt brown, -- marion grice left the team to mourn the loss of his brother who was killed over a pair of air jordans. he was back with the game against navy. at&t converted to the gridiron, the sun devils 4ed 21-0 of the first quarter. kelly threw four touchdowns, three of them to rosms it was 34-7 at the half. san jose native, cameron marshal. scored twice. the sun devils route navy. they finished 8-5. >> this is my last game, college game, and i went out with a bang, and then on top of that, i'm at home itch feel -- home. i feel real good right now. >> able to get the win in my home town, and it's been a blast. >> and the alamo bowl. leave it to the beaverrers. this touchdown put them up by ten. the longhorns quarterback with two fourth quarter scores, this one gave texas its first lead of the night. the defense did the rast. oak oak -- texas beats oregon state, both teams finished 9-4, this sports report was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> ama: thank you so much. thank you for joining us. that it for this edition of abc-7 news. we continue tom
movies. shutter lens.. >> are they or are they? chris brown. and we all said that they are going to renew their friendship renewrhianna... the song collaborations. they have suggested otherwise. >> the want to keep everybody guessing or explain what is going on with the relationship with anybody in the world. >> the jacksons, with one big reality show. >> more turmoil, as michael jackson's teenage daughter, paris is announcing that her grandmother, guardian was missing. forcing a judge to suspend therdianship of the three children of michael jackson. >> katherine jackson the sense that she was home she was not kidnapped. >> the family is disputing that claim that she was resting in the however, reissued a garden. >> take a look he is tearing up my pants. >> if it was a pleasure, a guilty pleasure, they could not turn away from the is beauty contestant in their family. >> this relatively unknown performer and a worldwide phenomenon as the catch get dance style hat the web. >> this is issued this trademark dance from the south koreans with the number one watched video on you tube. 970 billi
scott fujita now with the browns and anthony hargrove now a free agent. jut this past sunday hargrove spoke with james brown on cbs sports, "the nfl today" and denied the bounty program ever existed. >> there was never any payments offered at all for injuring an opponent. >> never payment or discussions talking about injured opponents or anybody. >> reporter: tagliabue came to a different conclusion stating that the bounty program was very real but he tomb the blame off the players and put it squarely on the nfl coaches. and as roger goodell told charlie rose on "cbs this morning," the league has a responsibility to make sure it never happens again. >> we have to enforce our rules and make sure when we see lie lagss of our rules, particularly with regard to bounty it can be definitely. jon vilma plans to continue his defamation lawsuit against roger goodell. >> demoreris smith joins us. >> he did not believe there was any evidence supporting the suspension of the players. i'm disappointed in the national football league and in the way they conducted an investi
. higher tax rates for the wealthy. congressman brown, will the president get his wish? >> i think the president wants higher tax rates for everybody. even the lowest paid employees in this country is pushing towards. the problem is not the higher rates and taxes which i totally oppose, we have to talk about spending. spending is the problem and what's going to us off the cliff. it is leading towards a collapse of america that is going to hurt the poorest americans and seniors on a limited income. those working on the middle class americans. >> speaker boehner said many, many times before, the problem facing washington is not taxes being too low, but spending being too high. we know your side wants spending cuts and cutting, but medicare. we saw this poll today. they said it doesn't cut medicare. morgan deduction, 66% of americans said don't cut that. tax deductions for making donations to charity. 72% said don't cut that. the numbers just make me wonder, do republicans in congress who clearly want to cut these things, do they have the support of constituents? do you? >> the proble
of the crash that killed dallas cowboy jerry brown jr., led to a manslaughter investigation against his teammate josh brent shown on the right. 911 tapes show witnesses frantically calling for help early saturday morning near dallas. >> is it s anybody injured? >> i don't know. i just drove past it, it looked like it just happened, there was a car upside down and there was smoke everywhere. >> brent was arrested and accused of driving drunk. family members say he and brown were best friends. >>> the mall in oregon where the shooting rampage took place will reopen in a few hours. tuesday a man shot and killed two people in a rampage and killed himself. several mall workers say they're hesitant about returning to the mall. >>> attorney general eric holder facing harsh criticism from a top republican after failing to pursue criminal charges against hsbc. the bank admits laundering money from iran, libya and myanmar. chuck grassley calls the lack of charges a declaration that "crime does pay." the justice department did not comment but defends its nearly $2 billion settlement with the bank.
assistance. firefighters will begin using the systems in the field on january 1st. >>> governor jerry brown gave dozens of former inmates a holiday gift. on christmas eve, he pardoned 79 people who competed their sentences and had not reoffended within the last decade. most of those pardons were low- level offenses. they will be pardoned to serve on juries an in some cases own firearms. >>> under the revised three strikes law, in november, voters approved prop 36 which requires that a life sentence only be given for a third felony if it's a serious or violent crime. about 3700 prisoners may qualify for resentencing hearings and some inmates have already won their release. >>> a christmas eve storm is headed our way. rosemary will be back to tell us where and when the rain will hit. >>> and how san jose police officers are helping to spread christmas cheer. >>> here is a look at the senate bridge. you can see -- san mateo bridge. you can see traffic is moving nicely. we'll tell you about some free parking in san francisco -- coming up. >>> welcome back. san jose police are helping to make th
. >>> the dallas cowboys will hold a private memorial for jerry brown today and the team is inviting josh brent to that service. brent is charged with intoxication manslaughter in his teamma teammate's death. the team wants to embrace brent. brown's mother spoke to piers morgan. >> because i know josh brent and he's been part of our family since jerry went to the university of illinois, that's all i can do is pray for him and his family. i know he's hurting just as well as we are, him and jerry were like brothers. >> wow, brent is out on 500,000 bond. >> more news this morning with the stroke of a pen, you might say, they started puffing. pot officially legal in colorado. the governor signing amendment 64 into the state's constitution after voters approved it on election day. people 21 years and older can have one ounce of marijuana. they aren't allowed to have it in public. >>> and lord stanley is weeping. all games canceled through december 31st. >> fans disappearing if there are any left. >> i wasn't surprised when i saw the news. you weren't either. >> bad. a league managing ifrs potself .
apparently not very optimistic at all about the next six months. we brought scott brown into talk about it. this means what works back maybe more the election. many of them are trying to decide whether to pay the penalty or to cover their employees. it really is not clear what impact it will have. the view is certainly negative. connell: have a look at this and that this is something that will hit the economy hard next year? >> it is hard to say. normally, we will look for those firms to account for a lot of job growth and expansion. we may see some softer job numbers in 2014. connell: that is what this is all about. the idea of confidence. a way to make the most of the tough situation. >> i think that is what is coming through. ultimately, it is really about the demand for the goods and services they produce. connell: is there strengthening their clocks back. >> once we get through this fiscal cliff certainty, i think the prospects are a bit better. i think the fundamentals are gradually improving. you have some weakness in the rest of the world, which is not helpful. you have state and l
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dollars bond. he was charged in a drunk driving incident that killed his teammate jerry brown. >> gretchen: because he is famous are the courts trying to set an example. here is a look at the courtroom battle ahead. you are a defense attorney. what was the bail supposed to have been set? >> the purpose of bail to make sure he will come back. he is recognizable figure . he's not average size or weight . it is not easy for him to sneak around. it is one of his dear, dear friends that was killed and so the presumption is he will not run can anywhere. half million is like murder bail or something high. his defense attorney said you should have taken a zero off and it should have been $50,000. >> gretchen: he did kill somebody. >> but the trend in united states of america unlike 10 years ago. if you kill somebody and you are behind the wheel with a dwi. it is treated not as intentional murder but one rung under that. he's facing jail time not 60 but years in jail. >> brian: would the average person be out in a similar situation if they were regular citizens. >> between $ep i to $100,000. >> bri
, yellow or brown or even a female. i said you need someone sitting in the chair that understand the value of growing deeper relationships with voters and especially nontraditional voters. you mentioned in your earlier segment with ann how republicans are made to be racist or anti-woman or whatever the case may be, it's because we don't have those deep relationships that grows a credibility that sean and jc, we can say, that's jc. he didn't mean anything like that. or i can say that's sean didn't mean anything by that. i know him. and until we do that, sean, i think we continue to be marginalized in so many respects. >> we've been friends a long time. i remember when you were in congress, you lived through this. republicans want to throw granny over the hill and kick her out on the streets. isn't part of the problem that the democratic playbook to smear republicans works? >> no question. it's a part of the playbook and i think the way we defend ourselves and the way we retaliate is the same thing that we used to do in locker rooms. my white friends would say things to me, i would say thing
brent was driving his mercedes when it crashed. in the car was his teammate, jerry brown jr. when the engine caught fire, stacy mcwilliams tells cnn affiliate wfaa she heard cries for help. >> and i looked at him, i said is there somebody in the car? is there somebody in the car? and he was like yes. so i said get him out of the car, mike. you can't just stand here and watch this man die, pull him out of the car, and he said to me he won't get out. i said get him out of the car, you know, commanding him, get him out of the car. >> well brown died following the crash. brent now faces charges in connection with the accident. cnn has not independently spoken with stacy mcwilliams but brent's lawyer has given us a statement and part of it the statement says "it is believed mr. brown was already deceased and could not possibly have uttered the calls for help claimed by ms. mcwilliams. it has not been verified but it appears she called the media before calling the police." >>> the screen actor's guild kicking off the award season with this year's nominations and nichelle turner is there
, chaos. >> roland, before you go, i didn't hear anything, it was all, it sounded like charlie brown to me after i heard you say roland's right. i don't know if i've ever heard you utter those words, will cain. >> actually he often says that. this is not a shocker. it's not breaking news and exclusive. it happens a lot. >> it's a just in, but go ahead, what were you saying? >> here's the deal, first of all for the audience, we talk about the fiscal cliff, it involves three things. first of all it deals with the bush tax cuts set to expire in december. it also deals with the debt ceiling, sequestration, there's three parts to it. the president is consistently saying i talked to people in his administration, saying look we want to deal first just with the tax cuts. republicans want to add the other pieces to it because they know it's hard to defend fighting for the tax cuts for the top 2%. they need to be able to tell their supporters we got something out of this. the president is saying separate them. that's part of the reason why you have this battle. >> dig deeper into what you're saying,
be good news for howard school brown who was beaten in the election . if there is a special election to replace john kerry if he becomes secretary of state, scott brown would be a shoe in. >> brian: he hit the ground running. >> steve: and one other wrinkle for scott brown. uval patrick is not going to run for reelection . if not senate maybe governor. >> gretchen: i thought he was going to do more spreads for gq. >> steve: he did a naked shot. >> brian: just to make end's meet. >> gretchen: when he was young and he was an attractive >> brian: we have all done naked photographs at one poign. >> gretchen: no, no, no. i have not. we'll set the record straight now, i have not. if he is not answering the question. >> steve: i don't remember money exchanging hands with that picture. >> gretchen: this is for the after the show, show. >> brian: long way to go before that. >> gretchen: maybe for the christmas party. fox news alert, the united states ramping up its involvement in the crisis in syria. leon paneta signing off on sending two patriot missiles and troops to turkey to beef up the c
of the key at 15 in the first half. all on 3. john gauge turned away by jordan. brown throwing down. uncontested. late first half. stanford disrupd the outlet pass. powell underneath. he's having a nice season. slam. team high 23. but the wolf pack leading all the way. to howl. nc state a winner. 8 88-79. women basketball. third rank bail or just clobbered tennessee. scored 9 of the first 11 points. bears started with 17 unanswered. odyssey sims off the steal. lasts it. corral it and score scores. it was a bad odyssey. for the lady as baylor wins in a 76-53. a's introduce new short stop today and he comes from japan. he says we can call him hero. he's an 8 time all star in the japanese major. 2 year deal worth 6 and half million dollars plus incentive. he fills the void left by the pennington and drew. he has swing of power hitter but hit only 11 homer last season. big swing looks like he should hit more than 11. career 300 hitter. 30-year-old infielder know about the a's success this past season and clearly working on his english. >> i also want to finally dance
. >> abc-7 sports anchor mike shumann will be in pasadena to cover the rose bowl. >>> texas and matt brown, -- marion grice left the team to mourn the loss of his brother who was killed over a pair of air jordans. he was back with the game against navy. at&t converted to the gridiron, the sun devils 4ed 21-0 of the first quarter. kelly threw four touchdowns, three of them to rosms it was 34-7 at the half. san jose native, cameron marshal. scored twice. the sun devils route navy. they finished 8-5. >> this is my last game, college game, and i went out with a bang, and then on top of that, i'm at home itch feel -- home. i feel real good right now. >> able to get the win in my home town, and it's been a blast. >> and the alamo bowl. leave it to the beaverrers. this touchdown put them up by ten. the longhorns quarterback with two fourth quarter scores, this one gave texas its first lead of the night. the defense did the rast. oak oak -- texas beats oregon state, both teams finished 9-4, this sports report was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> ama: thank you so much. thank you for
level, in white communities, in brown communities, in asian communities, latino communities, we have to deal with it in america, because it's an american problem. >> seven nfl players -- i just want to point out to you, congressman, that seven nfl players surrendered their weapons this week in the wake of the kansas city chiefs murder-suicide. >> congratulations to them. >> well, your response to that. this was of course before the shooting that took place this morning. i mean, is it going to take that kind of leadership to wake this country up? >> yes, it is going to take that kind of leadership. it's going to take congressional leadership, white house leadership, but also citizen leadership. like you said, you can change culture. we've changed culture in this nation. and when nfl football players are saying you know what? i really don't need this gun around, and i'm giving it up, that is the kind of symbolic gesture that might provoke others to do the same thing. you know, and there are folks out there, americans who are sick and tired of this just -- this promiscuous violence. you
. practice squad member jerry brown. died at a hospital. intoxication manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. no court dates have been set. >> right now parts of the country are dealing with the aftermath of a severe storm system that is being blamed for at least six deaths. and tonight. we have dramatic new video of a major tornado that ripped through mobile alabama last night. >> it is right there. we have to hurry up. >> officials say the tornado touched down five times in the mobile area -- ripping off roofs and shattering windows. the destruction was evident at a high school in mobile. were several portable classrooms were destroyed and sevearl otehr buildings were damage. many homes were also damaged in mobile. but no significant injuries or deaths were reported there. we're also getting some incredible video of the tornado moving through. as captured on surveillance cameras. grant lodes is here with a look. >> and we just got this surveillance video from a walgreens in mobile, alabama. wow. you see a couple light flashes.then lots of debris flying around. then.yo
at 7:00 a.m. for the event. former san francisco mayor willie brown will be there. he's kicking off the donate-a- thon. he's donating more than 90 items. you know his famous tailored suits? he's donating them. >> i wonder if he will donate any of his hats. he's a stylish guy. >> he is. >>> let's check in with tara in for sal. and bart will be extending its service tonight? >> that is right. in honor of new years. the trains will be running every 20 minutes. with service until 3:00 tonight. of course they won't be stopping as frequently in order to accommodate over crowding. right now we will head outside take a look at highway 4 through bay point. you can see the headlights there. the roadways filling up pretty well. next up we have a look at highway 24 through lafayette. the taillights there westbound as you go back toward the caldecott tunnel. finally in the south by not too many folks out down here. the taillights here westbound as you make the drive toward sunnyvale. let's check in with steve. >>> thank you. a very good morning. mostly fair today. will will be higher clouds comi
has been changing and the browning of america, we were talking about this on soledad's show that a lot of kids are mixed now, and the whole identification thing is fascinating. i think there's a big shift and change coming about. a lot of dialogue will happen, don't you think? >> let's talk about it. >>> 42 minutes past the hour. incredible video to show you. surveillance video of a tornado lifting up a truck and tossing it around as if it were a toy. the story behind the pictures coming up. >>> and some incredible swagger from nasa this morning. they're already saying "i told you so" to the folks who think the world is going to end on december 21st. it's really funny.nn ncer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit
for the accident that killed his friend and teammate jerry brown. police say brent was sleeping when his car hit a curb and flipped over. the cowboys have barred him from standing on the sidelines for the rest of the year. in court today, he appeared in jeans and a white t-shirt. >> thank you. on the nfl reserve nonfootball illness list. >> volunteers from the midwest hope caring pets will help ease the pain of children after friday's shooting. >> reporter: nine golden retrievers. an emotional rescue. to help comfort the children who survived the attack at sandy hook and other children. sponsored and trained by lutheran church charities transported in the ban. >> let me give you a quick introduction to all the dogs here. this is chewy and ruthy, abby, prince. luther. maggi. hannah. barny and shammy. these are the comfort dogs. >> when they are suffering or hurting or happiness. helps people process the grief. >> they are specially trained. >> these are all trained service dogs but don't use them with disabled. we train them additionally to work with all different age groups and people. >> we've
to mind, brown versus the board of education, that sat on people's desks for a long time and a bunch of different cases that all sort of folded in to it. loving versus virginia. that was interracial marriage. that was another case that sat around a long time because it seemed as though the supreme court, differently configured supreme court, actually wanted to wait and let the country lead. and when you look right now, even some people who have been fighting for same-sex marriage for years say the math and the map don't make the supreme court taking this up right now a certainty. >> your law professors are so thrilled with you right now, joe johns, that you could just spout that off and i'm impressed. joe johns, thank you very much for that. see you probably friday. for the record, folks, nine states plus d.c. have legalized same-sex marriage to date. exit polls of last month's elections show that a slight majority of voters think that gay marriage should be legal in their states. >>> moving on now. rain, wind and snow are hammering the west coast. three separate storms in just one w
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